CARES ServicesCARES offers a complete range of services including:

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Photo of cultural supportSupport for Asian and African Caribbean Carers

CARES recognises the culturally diverse nature of the Sandwell community and strives to offer culturally sensitive one-to-one support to Black and Ethnic Minority Carers within the borough.

We help Carers to identify their specific needs and the difficulties faced using existing services.

We help Carers breakdown the barriers faced and help them continue to care.

Photo of Doctor for CARESHelp to get the best support from your GP

For many Carers, the doctor’s surgery is the first place to go for help and support and CARES’ Primary Care Development Work helps Carers get the most from their GP and the best possible healthcare.

Working with doctors and other Primary Care staff, CARES aims to raise the awareness of Carers and Carers’ issues within Primary Care.

CARES Helpline

CARES helpline holds information on and provides assistance with

  • Aids
  • Appliances and adaptations
  • Leisure activities and holidays 
  • Day centres and lunch clubs
  • Benefits and finance
  • Support organisations for carers and their dependants; 
  • Voluntary organisations and their work; 
  • Statutory services; 
  • Health and community care. 

We also offer you a unique outreach and home visits service for carers and their dependents to help with benefit claims or to advocate and guide carers through difficult situations.


 Posted on : November 15, 2014

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