Photo of CARES SandwellThe Carers’ Advice & Resource Establishment, Sandwell (CARES), was established in 1986 to provide information and advice to carers and the people they care for within the borough of Sandwell.  Over the years, we have seen the number of people in need of our support grow and we are always happy to help.  

CARES is unusual in the charity sector as we have many staff who have been with us for five, ten, twenty years or more.  This gives carers the chance to form long term relationships and friendships with familiar faces.  This is just one of the ways that we are different.

We are a company limited by guarantee (No. 6570711) and a registered charity (No. 1134409). It is governed by a Board of Directors comprising carers, professionals and interested parties.

In 1986, the aims of the Charity were described as follows:

  • ‘The provision of information, advice, support, guidance and counselling’

This aim was to be achieved through the appointment of a worker, computerised database, a telephone helpline, drop-in centre, teaching sessions aimed at carers, affiliation to DIAL and the provision of a library for carers.

  • The production of a printed information booklet enabling carers to have written information on how to contact and use the services available
  • To co-operate with and compliment specialist organisations dealing with carers or disabilities

This aim was to be achieved through forging links with, and affiliating to, local and national organisations as appropriate.

  • To provide support to carers

This aim to be achieved through the provision of premises, carers’ support groups, by providing counselling and emotional support to carers and by providing the opportunity for carers to learn new skills.

  • To make information accessible to carers

This aim to be achieved through the provision of a ‘shop front’ and by the use of publicity, local media and the publication of leaflets for distribution.

  • To provide premises for the information service and carers with other groups of benefit to carers

CARES has remained true to these aims over the ensuing thirty two years and many of CARES’ current activities reflect the original aims of the organisation.

CARES Mission Statement

CARES, as an organisation, recognises and values Carers. We see Carers as people who care for relatives, friends or neighbours, of any age, with illnesses or disabilities.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for all Carers by providing relevant information, advice and support.

CARES actively promotes the rights of Carers to take part in decision making and have their voices heard. We strive to offer a caring, accessible service to all communities throughout Sandwell in a way which responds appropriately to their changing needs.

CARES Sandwell is also one of the Network Partners of Carers Trust which is a major new charity for, with and about carers.   We share their vision of a world where the role and contribution of unpaid carers is recognised and they have access to the trusted quality support and services they need to live their own lives.

With carers’ needs, choices and voices at the heart of everything we do, we strive to ensure that the enormous contribution they make to society and to those they care for is fully recognised, appreciated and valued.

Our strategic aims are to:

  • Raise the profile of carers and the caring role
  • Support the growth and development of solutions for carers
  • Influence society to improve carers’ lives
  • Work with local partners to develop a strong network

Our Shared Values with Carers Trust are:


Together we work as one organisation united by a shared vision for carers

Aspirational and Innovative

Together we can change lives for the better for all carers in the UK.

Expert and Evidence based

Together we have real experience, carry out authoritative research and share solid evidence about what works for carers in terms of policy, legislation and best practice.

Campaigning and Advocating

Together we raise the  issues that carers face wherever it makes most impact and will change their lives for the better – with the public, opinion formers and the media.

Logos for CARES Sandwell

 Posted on : November 15, 2014

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