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Edward’s Story 

Edward is a 72 year old carer for his Wife who suffers with dementia. Edward has, for a long time, been wanting to attend a computer course, but due to the demands of caring had previously been unable to find the time. His wife has now had to go into residential care and although he still visits his wife almost every day, he now has a little more free time so he immediately took advantage and enrolled on the course.

EdwardEdward had some very limited computer knowledge when he started our “internet and e-mail for beginners” course. He had recently purchased a laptop computer and his daughter had given him some basic instruction about how to gain access to the internet. Edward’s additional desired learning outcome:

  • To be able to carry out transactions on line

Edward very quickly got to grips with the learning resources and with additional one to one help from the tutor was soon searching the internet with confidence. He set up an e-mail account and was able to e-mail friends, family and other participants on the course.

Edward’s comments upon evaluation of the course:

“Very good course. Really enjoyable. I would like to follow on and learn more”

During conversations with Edward since the course ended, he has said that he has now become more confident using his computer at home and has been able to search for car insurance deals on the internet. He regularly keeps in touch with the other carers he met on the course via e-mail, and assisted one carer to find car insurance on the internet with a saving of over £200 compared to what he had been quoted by his usual car insurance provider!

Edward is really keen to continue his learning and has requested that we provide follow on courses on how to use Skype, Facebook and other social media.

I enjoyed being able to exchange e-mails with other people on the course and my brilliant tutor helped showed me how to browse the internet and listen to my favourite programmes on Radio 4 Extra via the internet”

(Please note that the names of the participants have been changed in order to protect identity)

 Posted on : November 15, 2014

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