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Do you support a person with a learning disability  and make use of online support groups?

The research team at Wolverhampton University are exploring potential (perceived or real) risks and benefits of online support group use specifically for family carers of people with learning disabilities.

The researchers aim is to find out if they can identify any particular areas/aspects of online support groups which may benefit carers of people with learning disabilities and what aspects/functions of online support groups you think are important, what in particular you use online support groups for, and what improvements (if any) you think are needed.

They would like you, should you decide to participate, to share your personal experiences of using online support groups, and to discuss any perceived benefits/ barriers to using these groups which you think may be relevant.

The results will help develop research which may help them to gain a better understanding of the specific needs of parents/carers of people with learning disabilities, in relation to online support groups.

If you want to take part in the voluntary study please contact via email either Dr Darren Chadwick or Rachael Mackley, their email details are:

Dr Darren Chadwick (

Undergraduate student- Rachael Mackley (


 Posted on : July 5, 2016
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